Hello πŸ‘‹
I'm Hana.
I help compagnies & their team deliver better products & services to their clients as an Experienced Product Designer.

I'm a value-oriented designer : I've started to help my fellow humans with the most innovative technologies while building resilient ecosystems for the future in 2008. And never stopped since.
I'm now offering digital innovation consulting to B2B & B2C compagnies.
I help their team validate hypothesis with user research and competitive analysis.
I help them prototype their next features with UX - UI design in quick cycles of implementation.
I co-construct and deploy their strategy and feed their product roadmap with A/B testing and exploratory qualitative interviews.

Contact me :
☎️ 06 67 52 34 58
πŸ’Œ contact@hanaofangel.com
πŸ“Ί You've received a meeting link ? Wait in the lobby hereβ†—

TJM : 650
Currently in position at INSEE for Key Consulting.
Available for next mission Mid-August 2021