Hello !

I’m Hana, a self-taught photographer based in Paris, France. I shoot shows & portraits. I also give photography classes.
In my world, everyone is photogenic ! I will always make you feel good and safe in front of my camera first, so you can allow yourself to be beautiful when I’ll capture you. Ask me all your questions & plan a shooting session with me now → contact@hanaofangel.com


In the « Links & Shop » section, it’s about window-licking!

Here will appear a selection of items I wish you to discover, some helpful links, some cds I really love amongst other musical crushes… stuff highly recommended.

You can also help me earning money by buying photographs : yes, I do sell my pictures for print & I also do photoshoots for you (Paris & near or Tokyo If I am in town for vacations).

I actually have things I love but are taking too much place in my house, so in the future, I’ll put up a little shop in this section for you to check some stuff out.

And If you want to buy me a little (or not so little) something : here is a wishlist for ideas : http://www.amazon.fr/registry/wishlist/JVAJQUR0YPQ

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#Rule [1 album = 1 genre]

Apparat | Walls

Fink | Distance & Time

A Perfect Circle | Mer de Noms

Balmorhea | Balmorhea

Russian Circles | Enter

Sneaker Pimps | Becoming X

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